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Slogan Battle
between Ned and Norbert

!!!Vote John kerry!!!

a return to sanity, sobriety, competence, honesty, optimism, vigilance, alertness, inclusiveness, respect for people, the earth, science, reality, and better pizza

In defense of Bush Jr., 

Oh, nevermind

Bush Jr., 
Inebriated yes,

but with the neo-con dream
See Washington Monthly's
practice to deceive

Bush Jr. 
is still 

still driving drunk
go to this link for more 
including Dick Cheney's 2 drunk driving tickets

In defense of bush Jr., 
he is resolute

click on image to see full size

regardless of the consequences

Bush Jr.
and his neo-con string pullers
recklessly don't consider

unintended consequences

 in defense of Bush Jr., he is ahead of Kerry

in alphabetical order

Bush Jr.

did not & does not protect
America from the real predators

but he's good at crying wolf

Look at the positive side
 of Bush Jr. -

a comedy 

 - of errors.

Bush Jr. is leading us!

Into a global and local

Who are we mere mortals 
to judge Bush Jr?

when his god is telling him what to do!

It's hard work for Bush Jr. to weaken America so - But AN easy JOB convincing almost half the voters he's being strong

Bush Jr. - 

good at Creating some jobs:

grief counselors
physical rehab specialist 
grave diggers
torture doctors
yacht  washers

Bush Jr. Avoided many terror warnings before 911. 

Though talking tough, He has continued to ignore essential terror warnings since 911.



Bush Jr. job record

better than the depression

Bush Jr. - Strong in what he says


Weak in what he does

You name it - weak on eliminating terror, weak on creating jobs, weak on the economy, weak on energy policy, weak on protecting the environment, WEAK ON CIVIL LIBERTIES, weak on women's rights

Bush Jr. 
Not as good as Dad
(or any other president for the last 72 years)

at creating JObs, but

better than Hoover!

Bush Jr.

first pres
to create minus jobs
 in 72 years


Take it away Norbert -----

11-07-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote may or may not be true but deserves to be thoroughly investigated. What are the arguments against a thorough look into the allegations of professionals who've been involved in vote count questions for years? Come on - if they're wrong, let's prove it, not try to make them go away with arguments like, "It's a time to heal," and diversions like talking about Democratic fraud, the later which should also be, of course, thoroughly investigated.

11-03-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Maybe a few more days. Today's quote speaks for itself. Well, we all did the best we could, Kerry included. You're all a bunch of heroes to me. 

I look at it philosophically now. I think there's going to be a lot crash on these guys' heads and there will be a rude awakening for those who voted for them. I think there's going to be a lot of suffering and death as a result of their election. So maybe it was too big a mess for Kerry to be able to do anything about a lot of it. 

I pray for us all, including the neo-cons.

1-02-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is, I trust and hope and pray and firmly believe, the last for this website whose purpose should be over as soon as we've all gone out and voted and voted for John Kerry for president. As I've been saying, the entire staff here at Election Countdown Calendar Dot Com unanimously agree that John Kerry is going to win big today. But we'll be biting our fingernails watching the returns with the memory of past predictions gone bad.

So what's next? How about something on the Heroes of the 2004 Election Campaign? I think a bit of a look back will be called for to understand, appreciate, and keep going this biggest movement I've ever seen and been in. But with an eye to the future I agree with Daniel Sheehan of the New Paradigm Institute that starting November 3rd we graduate from the total support of Kerry over Bush trip and start working for the best world we can imagine. 

And here are the last slogans of the slogan battle - and Ned will just have to read it and weep. He's soundly defeated in the end! See the top two on the left here or go to Slogan Battle to see them all nice and big.

I love Jon Stewart's Daily show. Last night they had a neat spoof with their Florida and Ohio reporters fighting over which state was best suppressing black and Democratic voters. But I think that Stewart blew it when he had, on election eve no less, Chris Wallace of Fox News as a guest. Stewart brought up the point that with all the different sources of news we have today on cable TV and the Internet, there seem to be a lot of people who believe things that just arn't true - a good thing to bring up with a Fox employee because Fox viewers are notorious for still thinking there's a tie between Sadam and 911 and Sadam and Osama. Wallace countered by saying that the Internet helped to expose that the CBS memos on Bush's National Guard record contained false information. That's the gist of what he said and he got it in twice, comparing that info to the lies of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth. But that's not true. The information in those memos wasn't disputed, just the authenticity of the memos. There were other sources pointing to the validity of the content of the memos. Stewart let this Fox disinformation pass unchallenged right under his nose - and it was a perfect example of what he was asking about - the muchly-informed public believing things that aren't true. Incidentally, there's still that University of Utah (I think that's the right name) professor, an expert in document authentification, who says that he thinks those memos are legit. It's on their website.

11-01-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is, of course, something I thought was an important point to make for undecided voters. Namely, that the Bush administration has not really taken care of the troops. This is true in so many ways and this is just one. But there are a zillion more.

Take a look at Operation Truth.

And here's today's entry into the slogan battle. Maybe it's over.

Incidentally, this is the first dead heat the day before the election in Gallop's history.

10-31-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote reflects what I think is the most important thing to say now which is that that our president is not working toward eliminating our terrorist threat but toward increasing it. So I let Gen. Clarke have the say in this for today. Look back over the daily quotes from this site, check it out on the Internet (or, as Bush says, "the internets"), and you'll see from just a modicum, just a little bit of research, that our president is not doing what needs to be done but is following a cultish sort of crazy path that leads to a lot of death and destruction. 

I got this off of http://www.salon.com/ - there's tons more good stuff there.

See the slogan for today to the left about Bush's driving ability and see them all by going down the list to the left or seeing them in full page splendor at Slogan Battle.

10-30-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is not the most important thing I could have put up, but I really wanted to get it in before the election. I've worked in restaurants and to those of us who've done so, people who don't tip are not held in high regard. And an unbelievable number of them have lots of money. This is, to me, indicative of a mind-set of someone who should not be president. Go to the full text with links to the source. 

Now, as for what's more important. Tomorrow I want to put on a quote from Operation Truth, a website of Iraq veterans. Go to it now and see the ad they're having trouble getting on TV:

Comedy Central, History Channel, TBS, VH-1 and ESPN all issue "advocacy" as reason.

And check out today's Slogan Battle entry from Ned Needleman's In Defense of Bush, presented on the left in reduced form - how Bush is resolute. 

10-29-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is from a member of the Bush family who's a member of the renegade Bush Relatives for Kerry. Check it out.

And here's today's slogan from the popular Slogan Battle in which I question the frontal lobe development of the president and his neo-con string pullers. Really, they're like a bunch of arrogant, reckless teenage boys who do not think about the possibility of unintended consequences.

On this day in 1922, Benito Mussolini took control of the government of Italy. This man who thought he was always right was wildly popular until the weight of the destruction he brought down on his country finally crushed him - in the form of an angry mob.

Check this terrific positive visualizing of the near future out.

10-28-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote from the foul-mouthed Marshall Mathers III otherwise known as Eminem is from his new single. See it and spread the word if you're of such a mind.

At quite another place on the spectrum, check out the Albion Monitor (The news you're missing) from my native Sebastopol and not the one in Russia. 

And lastly, there's today's slogan from Ned Needleman of In Defense of Bush. See it to the left in reduced form (the one that says Bush is ahead of Kerry) or in the full size version.

10-27-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote I guess isn't the most interesting, but I use it and the almost always Republican newspaper editorial it comes from as another conservative nail in the coffin of the political future of the neo-cons. Hey - I think these people are going to loose, but if they win we must keep after them like a good Italian undergrounder after Mussolini and his henchmen. Like Richard Dryfus said on Air American yesterday, it's not a matter of if these guys will be rejected but when - let's just hope it's before November 2nd. All the signs were there when Nixon was running for a second term but the momentum didn't get going till after he was in. 

I think Kerry is going to win big but I have been wrong many times before - Reagan, Schwartzenager, Bush Jr. the 1st time - so if Bush Jr. wins by votes or hook n' crook then I agree with others (I forget whom) who say that the Republicans themselves will turn on these nutcases in time.

Anyway, I know it looks close as all getout but I predict a big Kerry win. I have faith in the American people in this case because of the passion I feel and that I've seen in others. 

So do what you can from now till then to get rid of these dangerous people who are running our country - if you will - and I'll do the same.

10-26-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is another from The Nation. Read their editorial endorsing John Kerry for president of the USA.  After that, take a look at Why I'm for Kerry by David Corn, Washington editor of The Nation.

As you can see, yesterday's slogan to the left now has attractive graphics and today's slogan uses the wolf metaphor like the neo-cons did in their scare ad - suggesting that we'd be safer with them. What a joke. They've ignored the real threats. They are putting out wolf bait and setting no traps.

10-25-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote from The Nation is the scary conclusion of one informed person after 100 simple facts that he elucidates about the very dangerous person we have running our country.

Now, if that were not paranoid enough for you, read the following chilling thoughts of John Dean about the Coming Post Election Chaos.

Norbert's turn in the Slogan Battle also in condensed form to the left.

10-24-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is from a long article about Bush, Without a Doubt by Ron Suskind from the Oct. 17, 2004 NY Times. It is a penetrating bit of journalism.

Here are a couple of quotes from today's article: 

Whether you can run the world on faith, it's clear you can run one hell of a campaign on it.

The deeper the darkness, the brighter this filament of faith glows, a faith in the president and the just God who affirms him.

And here's today's slogan by Ned Needleman in the Slogan Battle he's waging with me. Today's slogan is also over there on the left in squished form.

10-23-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is from yet another Republican, a former Senator no less, for Kerry - just take a look at the heartfelt conservative proclamations of dismay with the neo-cons on this site by starting with this one and going back day by day in all-October-days-together and then to September from there. I have yer ole lefties fer sure, but there are plenty of rock-solid conservative voices in the mix.

Oh yes, and here's the latest Slogan from the Battle of the Slogans - this time from Norbert who again points out another of Bush Jr.'s weaknesses - mistaking bull-shit claims of strength for the weak, weak reality of his legacy. Of course a mini version of it is right there to your left.

This guy is harming America and the world. Get out there and stop him.


10-22-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is from the New York Times endorsement of John Kerry for president. Read it - it covers a lot of good ground.

And check out today's slogan by Ned Needleman of In Defense of Bush in which he points out some jobs created by Bush Jr.

Check out Georgieanne Geyer, another conservative fed up with Bush.

Betty Bowers is cool. 

And there's this November 2nd Day of Celebacy going round the web - NO Bush, No Dick.

10-21-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's important quote is from Bob Scheer has been writing the good fight since the sixties with Ramparts Magazine. Be sure to read his article from the LA Times on the embarrassing report the CIA is holding back till after the election. I had the good fortune to spend an evening with him back during the Nuclear Freeze movement. He's always on the edge of the envelope of news that matters. Here he's pointing out that Bush Jr. and company were asleep on their watch and don't want us to know. So far they've been pretty successful in covering their incompetance with tough talk. Thanks for helping to expose their folly Mr. Scheer. More on this below in a Norbert diatribe.

Check out today's entry into the battle of the slogans which is also squeezed in in smaller form to your left - the one about Bush Jr. ignoring warnings of terror. The extent to which this is true is much much greater than is realized. There is evidence of this all over this site. It's pathetic that he is perceived by the public as being strong on terror. 

No thanks major media for not informing us that Bush Jr.'s administration scoffed at Clinton's warnings, stopped some of the efforts that Clinton was making like working with the Saudi's to stop sponsoring those terror schools, called Clinton's obsession with Osama Bin Laden the only problem the transition team had with his foreign policy, ignored specific intelligence warnings about Al Qaeda, choosing instead to focus on the years old dream of invading Iraq and missile defense - In his recent book, Intelligence Matters: The CIA, the FBI, Saudi Arabia, and the Failure of America's War on Terror Senator Bob Grahame lists nine warnings they ignored (more on Grahame and failed war on terror) - that's enough for now of the before 911 blindness. 

After 911 they didn't follow through with getting Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, concentrating instead on Iraq and Saddam Hussein, and have purposely ignored protecting America's ports, air cargo holds, nuclear and chemical and petroleum plants because that's all part of the private sector which they think the free market will protect. The oft-quoted claim that they've "captured or killed 75% of al Qaeda is a made up number with no meaning. They're nuts and they get a free ride on this from the major media. Again, no thanks major media for being asleep and being fairytale and unbalanced about reporting.

10-20-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Meet Ed Schultz whose radio show, Straight Talk from the Heartland is big big big - I think maybe the biggest so-called left-wing talk show guy. He's on the Jones Radio network but I hear him on Air America Radio in the afternoon (12-2pm on the West Coast). Today's quote is from his book, Straight Talk from the Heartland : Tough Talk, Common Sense, and Hope from a Former Conservative

Check out his website at WeGotEd.com

Why do I say he's a so-called lefty (he says lefty and righty)? Because really the right now is ultra right and the left is middle of the road. That's my opinion.

And here's another Slogan, this time about Bush's job record (a miniature on the left), from Ned Needelman In Defense of Bush

10-19-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Check out the new slogan exposing Bush's weaknesses which cover just about everything - presented in nifty full page form.

Today's quote is from yet another ultra-conservative, Bob Barr who led the fight against Clinton. Wow! Strange bedfellows. See his argument to conservatives not to vote for Bush Jr. I am beginning to understand the word coalition in a new light. I'd give up a lot to join with others to get rid of this great evil crime family that rules America - not just the Bushes, the Neocons. Those people are nuts but they're good at manipulating public opinion. Hope we get rid of them before there's too much damage - to the point that even die-hard fascists give up and say "enough! enough has been destroyed!" 

10-18-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote from yet another Republican succinctly and eloquently lists a number of ways in which George Bush Jr. is damaging America. It's well worth looking at. 

And, in the In Defense of Bush section, Ned Needleman and I, Norbert Nonely have a battle of the slogans, me attacking and Ned defending. See how it starts! 

As Al Franken says more or less, Bush Jr. may be the first president since Herbert Hoover not to have presided over an economy  that had a net increase in jobs, but look at it this way, he's done better than Hoover, and it's not as bad now as during the Depression. Ned and Norbert start off in this vein. 

10-17-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Look at these touching photos of US soldiers in Iraq.

Today's quote is another damnation of Bush Jr. from a Republican, the senior statesman of the Minnesota Republican Party. Happy to see that he doesn't mince words in calling Dick Cheney "evil" and he doesn't on other fronts either - read his article in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

I was going to put up former Bush Sr. national security advisor Brent Scowcraft's lamentations about Bush Jr. Foreign policy but the AP article I put up here didn't have the quote I was looking for which is about how Bush Jr. is mesmerized by Israel's Sharon. Anyway, this is good enough for now.

Another thing I have in mind is to make up a graphic of Bush Jr. as a Sheppard crying Wolf but I'm not so good on that sort of thing so hang on while I try to get someone else to do it. Or maybe it's already out there somewhere.

Check out http://www.youforgotpoland.com/.

Just 16 days till the election. Think of what you can do to get these bums out of office - if you would be so kind.

10-16-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote takes us back 134 years to a time when soldiers sacrificed themselves bravely and without questioning the foolishness of their superiors. Read the poem. When they do dare to refuse to go on what they see as suicide missions they must be prepared to fight charges of treason. May the human race live in peace with good will toward each other. Hey, it could happen!

"In your dreams," says Sheldon. He's my pessimistic neighbor.

10-15-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today we promote Common Dreams, a terrific progressive daily news site. The article is actually from the Guardian/UK. Common Dreams culls the media and finds great stuff for us to read. This is their featured article today. Lots of other great stuff. Check it out.

How about all this phony outrage about Kerry's mentioning Cheney's daughter being a lesbian as if Cheney hadn't mentioned it on nationwide TV, as if it were a secret. Limbaugh is saying Kerry "outed" her. 

10-14-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Good for President Eisenhower's son. Today's quote begins a trend of saying positive things about Kerry. It's not as much fun but it's something that should be done I think. Don't worry, there's plenty of good honest Bush Jr. bashing in Eisenhower's article on why he's voting for Kerry and why he changed his party affiliation from Republican to Independent. 

I think Kerry did well in the debate last night though I wish I could have answered some of the questions. Maybe later I'll give some examples though I'm sure you have your own. Like he could hit harder on so many of the silly things that Bush Jr. says. 

I could also have asked some basic questions that were avoided. Did I miss the questions and answers last night on the environment and energy? Bush Jr.'s golf buddy Bob Scheiffer (who reads Republican talking points as conservative head of CBS news according to Janeane Garofalo or was it Sam Seder from Air America's Majority Report) sure asked soft questions. Like saying all three of us have strong wives and two daughters. What have you learned from them? He asks that instead of bringing up Bush Jr.'s assault on the environment or his energy policy that ignores the present reality and future and the welfare of our society over perks to his buddies in the oil industry. What a pile of crap.

Have you read about the Republican funded supposedly non-partisan organization in Nevada and Oregon that has been registering voters and marking their party and then throwing out the Democratic ones? I gotta run but maybe I'll find a link to the story later.

10-13-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. First, As for Tonight's Debate - Take action.

Now, just take a look at what these great MOB Moms have done! And look at today's quote.

For a little supplemental reading go to Salon.com and read: 

Why conservatives must not vote for Bush

A Reaganite argues that Bush is a dangerous, profligate, moralizing radical -- and that his reelection would be catastrophic both for the right and for America.

By Doug Bandow

(I don't think the link to this article will last long but I don't know.)

And while you're at it there are many good articles on Salon.com - like the one today saying that a technical expert saying that Bush Jr. was wired for the first debate. You can see a photo of it during the debate and another of Bush Jr. in his pickup truck with a mysterious bulge on his back. 

But I'd heard that there was a moment during that debate when you could actually see it. I've talked to people who've said they've seen it. Why isn't there a photo of that on Salon? Is there one somewhere?

10-12-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Featuring two great sites today, Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World and Working Asset's Working For Change. Check out today's quote.

The former, TMW, has a great picture of Bush Jr.'s Bulge from the first debate and so much great stuff - blog, links, etc. Read yesterday's and the day before's info on the upcoming Sinclair attack ads on Kerry. I have long loved this guys comics and now I dig his website. 

Lots of good stuff on Working for Change as well - commentary, columnists, cartoons.

Check 'em out.

10-11-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today we focus on George Lakoff. Check out the origin of today's quote from the UC Berkeley News. Lakoff's ideas about language and communication are well worth looking into. 

Also - get the DVD - How Democrats and Progressives Can Win: Solutions from George Lakoff.

Go to Lakoff's start page for the progressive movement.

From the prior link I found the fascinating Attack Back or Loose.

Get the book Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR PROGRESSIVES by George Lakoff

10-10-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today we turn to Greg Palast at his website, GregPalast.com. Today's quote is from one of the many articles and blogs on his website. He is an American who wrote The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and works for the BBC and writes for the Observer in London - because US media wouldn't let him tell what his investigations have uncovered. He has dug deep into all sorts of stuff on the Florida vote, the Bush family Saudi tie, 911 and other vital subjects that we just can't get here. He's got a movie coming out October 17th called Bush Family Fortunes which looks like it will be terrific. I heard him on Air America recently and I remember him saying that some guy in charge of foreign policy or something like that on the Bush Jr. transition team before he came into office said that they had no problem with Clinton's foreign policy except for his obsession with Osama Bin Laden. A lot of Michael Moore's stuff on the Bush Saudie connection came from Palast. Palast got an award from Project Censor for reporting important stuff that nobody else was. Good going Palast. Keep up the good work.

Now I want to mention something else I heard on Air America that we may hear more about but I haven't looked for it in writing to put here yet, and that is a story about a professor at the University of Utah (I think) who is an expert on document authentication who says that the documents Dan Rather used on that report about Bush Jr.'s National Guard record are, as far as he can tell after extensive investigation, authentic. He's had death threats and the University has been under pressure to take his research results off their website.

10-09-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today there is another quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski, this time from his interview with Charlie Rose. There's also a review of his new book, THE CHOICE: Global Domination or Global Leadership. Listen to this guy. I've never been a big fan of his though I haven't thought of him for a while. When he was President Carter's National Security Advisor I saw him as a super-hawk right-winger. Well, times have changed. Maybe I was wrong. I don't know or even care to try to take a look back at those times. He's obviously saying highly sane words for these times. And scary ones. Like, from the Rose interview, he "believes that a Bush Jr. win will be taken as a mandate for not merely more of the same but.. escalated - perhaps a massacre / razing of Faluja, etc." 

And from the review of his book: 

America is historically poised to either move the planet forward by defining and mobilizing the next phase of globalization; or bogging down in a protracted war against terrorism, the end of which Brzezinski sees as an Orwellian world of perpetual insecurity.

Oh yes - the second presidential debate was last night. Kerry did well but there are some points he could have driven in harder like confronting Bush Jr. on the cooked intelligence to go into Iraq, making clear that Bush Jr. would have vetoed the 87 billion for Iraq as Kerry voted for it - thus clarifying that the Republicans voted against it before they voted for it. He should tell Bush Jr. that this flip-flopping thing is a juvenile name-calling trip which is just another lie to the electorate. The whole trip about saying that he voted against this and that is silly and ignores the realities of the job of a senator who has many votes on the same stuff.

And he touched on this but he should make clear that Bush Jr. is not protecting the homeland - not securing the cargo holds of airplanes, not spending the $50 per container (a la Steve Flynn in America the Vulnerable) [see The Neglected Home Front and his quotes 9/15, 9/16, 10/4] - anyway, money that is needed to inspect the thirty million containers that come into the 361 US ports, not nailing down the loose weapons grade radioactive material in the Soviet Union, not protecting US chemical, petrol, and nuclear facilities. He should make clear that the Neo-cons are stubborn ideologues in their insanity out creating billions of new enemies. And when they had the question on the environment [See Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s article] he should have spent the whole time on it. He did okay but he had to go back first to other stuff. The across-the-board environmental assault of the Bush Jr. administration is hardly talked about and is significant.

Kerry sort of said these things but he could have been stronger. These Neo-cons do not serve people. They do not serve organic life. They are true-believers, zealots tied to the most extreme fundamentalist Christians and Likud Israelites. Israel is the elephant in the corner in this whole mess we're in. Frankly, I don't know what we should do differently as far as Israel goes, but we shouldn't avoid talking about it. It's sort of a taboo subject. Cuba is too.

Anyway, that's enough for today. Bless us all.

10-08-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski from the Financial Times Article Bush's misadventure in the Middle East  is just an opening line for some very cool-headed and serious observations having to do with what direction the neo-cons are pushing the world. Just to where Osama Bin Laden wanted it - in a world war. Great going neo-con's, media that betrayed its highest purpose, populace that give the word sheep a bad name. They're not violent.

And where'd I hear that O'Reily was not going to vote for Bush Jr.? Over abortion and the enviornment. That would be like Al Franken... or maybe not. Anyway, I don't believe it any more than Michael Rupert's new book laying out how Cheney planned 911. Don't comment on it Howard Dean or you'll be discredited.

And speaking of things I can't believe even though they are hovering in the area of consistent or maybe I should say resonant with some of the behavior I've seen from these guys, check out this tantalizing article from Salon.com on Bush's Mysterious Bulge during the last debate.

Ways in which Michael Moore understated his case #1 - Moore made a big deal out of Bush Jr.'s 7 minutes with My Pet Goat but didn't go on to inform us that Bush Jr. remained at the school for another 30 minutes for a casual photo op and then flew around the country, to Nebraska I think, for eleven or so hours. That's the way I understand it - from Moore talking to Franken a while back. Fahrenheit 911 isn't unfair to Bush Jr. or misleading or making unfounded assertions as far as I'm concerned. A few cheap shots that are obvious. But overall it's an exciting touchdown in the life-and death ballgame of this election. 

And check out the nifty new Everyday Index  sos you can review more easily the prior days of this calendar - September 1 through Nov. 2.

10-07-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. I just had to add this letter from Michael Moore and alert the obscure site reading public to the fact that this populist hero may soon be on the lam. See today's quote.

10-06-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. This is very true! Today's quote about Dick Cheney and George Bush Jr. is maybe not one of the most dramatic quotes that I ran into in the hours, yes hours, that I've been looking for today's quote, but it's just something I felt that in the light of today's news, was not being said. They're the most secretive president we've ever had. And they, as president, cannot be trusted. Maybe because they don't trust anyone but themselves. Should I say more about how they want to spy on us? Maybe later.

Saw the debate tonight and have listened to the spin in the media and read it on the web and it's sort of humorous how wide the spread is on how it went. Rather than look at the debate from the point of view of the horserace, let us re-ask the questions and restate the answers till we're satisfied. If we do so we'll see a disgusting trail of self-serving baseless propaganda and disastrous results from the administration and a consistently earnest attempt on the part of Kerry and Edwards to expose the folly of the administration and to suggest a wiser course. The difference between the two to me is night and day and I suggest the solution to be the no-carb diet - no Cheney, no Ashcroft, no Rumsfeld, no Bush Jr. (heard on the radio).

Loved the way that Cheney suggested to look into www.factcheck.com to see that his Halliburton relationship isn't criminal. That's not the way he said it but that's the upshot of the Halliburton fact check on www.factcheck.org - notice that it's org and not com that he should have said. The first link, the dot com one goes to a George Soros site which today features "A personal message from George Soros" that headlined a damning prior quote for this site.

10-05-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. So tonight is the debate between John Edwards and Dick Cheney. Take a look at today's quote: "We will be greeted as liberators." and then go to the article it came from in the Nation which has ten questions to ask Cheney tonight. Let's see if any of these are touched on.

One thing I wanted to put up but which I can't, because it's at home and I can't find anything on the web, is a list of on-line post debate polls to go to to vote for who won the debate. I'm doing this from far off mountains and pine trees and hot springs but will be back tomorrow and will try to get that list here. If not then, I'll have it for the next two presidential debates. But all you'd have to do is to go to the major TV news sites - ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN and vote in their on-line polls. Lots of politically savvy folks say it's a good thing to do. And to get to those sites just write their letters in Google and you'll be there in a jiff.

And go get 'em Edwards!

10-04-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote, "The White House has declared that safeguarding the nation's critical infrastructure is not a federal responsibility." is a shocking example of how the present administration hacks are stubborn ideologues, to steal a bit from yesterday's Kennedy quote. To them the free market, unfettered by restriction, is something holy. They'll sacrifice the country to prove it. It reminds me of the right-wingers I grew up around who thought that every problem would be solved by just eliminating the federal government. What idiots! They don't want to protect all the containers that come into our ports because free enterprise will take care of it. Same for the cargo holds in airplanes. This is the second quote from this article, The Neglected Home Front  (from Foreign Affairs, September/October 2004) and the third from Stephen E. Flynn. See his prior quotes from September 15th and 16th and be reminded of his book, America the Vulnerable. And remember, the Bush Jr. team is not fighting the war on Terrorism, they're just talking about it while waging a war they'd dreamed of for a decade. Bush Jr. says that we're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here. What a reckless pile of nonsense. Bring them down!

And once again, shame on the media for allowing these sorts of insane notions to go unchallenged. Pretty much the entire mainstream media not only gives Bush Jr. a free ride, they give his lies and idiotic policies credibility. They, as this administration, have failed us both by not informing us of the truth and by thus putting us all at risk. I propose a media spank-out after the election. Hmm. Not a bad idea. More on that later.

Also, check out these books on the homeland security and lack of it subject:

10-03-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Good for Senator Kennedy. Today's quote nails Bush Jr. with three accurate, descriptive words: ignorance, arrogance and stubborn. Watch the speech
Read the transcript  from Move On

And today we have episode 8 of In Defense of Bush Jr..

10-02-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Only a few days to go to register to vote so heed today's quote. Here's a letter to Move On Members about what you can do in the next few days left to register votes. That seems like the most important thing. 

Bush Jr. and the bunch of plutocrats guiding him might seem evil, but It's even more disturbing to me that intelligent seeming people like pundits on TV (which I don't see much of) could see anything but a confused buffoon and lackey for the rich in Bush Jr.. It's truly amazing and disappointing though that so many people, such a high percentage of people support him. Seems like a pretty deluded and self-destructive crowd to me. 

Now look at this - the owner of the company that owns CBS last week endorsed Bush Jr. (betraying organic life for filthy lucre) and around the same time 60 Minutes decided to shelve a piece about the Bush Jr. Administration's rush to war - having to do with new information on the forged documents that Bush Jr. used as part of his justification for going to war. I think it's significant. look at CBS Censors War Report which will also tell you what you can do to get them to show this important story before the election. 

10-01-04 - Greetings. Norbert here. Today's quote is from Al Franken of Air America. Radio. It's from a stunning, rousing, inspirational talk he gave yesterday in San Diego in the kickoff of his program's road show. It brought me to tears. I'd forgotten that such a thing existed - real dynamic, honest beautiful patriotic people-lovin' passionate talk. It was called the stump speech. He started off clicking off damning facts about Bush Jr., went into his silly Bush Jr. flip-flop, flipitty-flop routine, and wound up with honest outrage in which he said that Bush Jr. had taken the enormous unity that existed not only in America but in the world after 9-11 and wrapped himself in 911 for his petty political goals. Good goin' Al. The typical neo-con (I won't dignify them with a capitol letter) pre-packaged retort would be that he's on a "Bush Jr.-hating" binge or some-such baloney. Bull Shit - Al Franken is telling it like it is (which could be in quotes or all hyphenated) like a man possessed of the spirit of the lord. And he concluded his talk by saying "He's going down" a number of times. And he had the crowd cheering as he called on each person there to dedicate every minute from now till the election to getting rid of this threat to America and the world. And I was so moved that I just started crying. Thank god I was alone in the car. That's how I remember it. And Until Bush Jr. has gone down I will do what Franken urged and try to figure out everything I can do to make him go down! Pardon me, but I, Norbert Nonely, firmly believe that President Bush Jr. is an enemy of organic life.

The debate was much more satisfying than I had anticipated. About ten of us saw it together. We had only one rule - no whining but if one must there was a Nixon mask that had to be put on first. No one needed it. I'd made up my mind a while back that my enthusiasm would not falter no matter how much Kerry did - the Michael Moore piece Put Away Your Hankies...a message from Michael Moore expresses how I feel. But Kerry did quite well. I was pleased as pie.

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