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From Charlie Rose's 7/19/2004 interview with ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI (how'd you like to have a name like that?) as exerpted by IWETHEY.org. -

Brzezinski lays out the options:

1) We somehow succeed in garnering Euro support, assistance within Iraq. He is sanguine about the possibilities of that, seeing no possibility that this Admin will allow the requisite "participation in decisions" for the risk of mayhem, implicit.

He specifically excoriates the slogan of, "Staying the Course" as - simply unrealistic, given 1). We must consider the high probability that we must plan for a form of physical withdrawal. Best that we should have galvanized some Euro participation in hopefully, creating some democratic aspects to a theologically-oriented government.. preventing the obvious Shia Sunni et al active warfare.

As to election outcome - Z. believes that a Bush win will be taken as a mandate for not merely more of the same but.. escalated - perhaps a massacre / razing of Faluja, etc. Recites (not news to many) palpable planning for a similar escapade re Iraq [typo for Iran?-NN], with no effort to strategically link other local issues he expands upon:

2) US attitude re Israel (about which he suggests a solution and the absolute Need for US oversight of that approach) - again, unlikely even to be attempted under Bush.

Russia. He opens with the analogy that Putin's actions remind him of Hitler's use of the Reichstag fire as leverage to finish the cleanup of democratic elements and then lists other aspects of Putin's direction - already has control of visual medium and enroute to similarly muzzling Press. Expects Draconian (my word not his) methods re Chechnya - and not negotiation or reappraisal of the situation. Asserts that US must not give any support for an attack on Chechnya.

In all, and as unequivocally as a National Security Advisor ever speaks, he stopped just short of, Bush Must Go. [And then, none of it will be easy or very certain.. but there just may arise a less ugly solution, if we are not calling all the shots (and from the same attitude)].

Closing remarks:

Today we are more unpopular worldwide than at any point in our history. Our political policies make us more despised than any other State.

..[~Strategy always is] you divide your enemies and unite your friends. We are doing the opposite.

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