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In Defense of Bush vs. Norbert's Comments,
Ned Needleman defends Bush Jr.
 as Norbert Nonely Attacks 
in a Battle of the slogans.

See the mini-posters listed below

Norbert attacks Bush

1 - Bush 1st minus job pres in 72 yrs 
2 - Bush strong on talk, weak on action
3 - Bush avoided terror warnings
4 - It's hard work weakening us so
5 - Bush leading US into a tragedy
6 - Bush not protect but cry wolf
7 - Neo-cons unintended consequences
8 - Bush still driving drunk
9 - Vote John Kerry

Ned defends Bush

1 - Bush Better than Hoover
2 - Better than the Depression
3 - Creating grief counsel jobs
4 - Who are we to judge Bush?
5 - No, it's a comedy
6 - Bush ahead alphabetically
7 - Bush resolute keeping head in sand
8 - Inebriated with the Neo-con dream
9 - In Defense of Bush, oh nevermind



The rules: Each of the contestants will produce slogans worthy of posters, bumper stickers, T-shirts, or TV ads. They may respond to the other's slogan or produce a new one of their own. 

1- Ned wins the coin toss and goes first. But he needs something to defend so Norbert says what about Bush being the first president since Hoover not to have presided over an economy  that had a net increase in jobs. 

Ned counters with a comparison favorable to Bush Jr.

2 - Norbert jabs with the disconnect between what weakling Bush Jr. says and does.

 Ned comes back with another comparison putting Bush Jr. in a better light.

3 - Norbert brings up Bush Jr.'s pathetic but largely unknown failure at fighting terror

Sticking to jobs, Ned points out some jobs that Bush has created.

4 - Norbert says it's hard work screwing things up so bad

Ned says who can judge Bush when he's just doing what his God tells him.

5 - Norbert says Bush is a tragedy

Ned says he's a comedy.

6 - Norbert says Bush cries wolf while ignoring the real predators

Ned says Bush ahead of Kerry alphabetically

7 - Norbert says Neo-cons don't consider unintended consequences

Ned says Bush resolute regardless of consequences

8 - Norbert says Bush still driving drunk

Ned says, Yes, but he's inebriated with the Neocon dream.

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