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This section of Cuke Annex new Sept. 24. 2018

Prior DC Misc Index (Extensive)

* = read at poetry slam in Bali

DC Misc on Cuke nonZense Blog

*May 30, 2019 -  Proud

*Feb. 15, 2019 - The Last Valentine and How Do I Love Myself

*December 10, 2018 - Welcome Good Members of the World Suicide Club
*December 10, 2018 - recited words to a sort of song, Screaming Mad
*December 10, 2018 - At a rapid fire round at the end with us all on stage recited While on a Voyage
*December 10, 2018 - At the very end of that night with others on stage sharing - Blanked Out

*November 29, 2018 - Recited the words to the song Offerings (Persembahan Persembahan)

*Back in July 2018 at my first poetry slam, belted out James Brown style the words to the song What a Lucky Guy I Am, a song for Katrinka's birthday.

Sept 24, 2018 - Tooth Story

Need to include here some stuff posted on Cuke nonZense Blog