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Poetry and DC Misc

Read at the Oct. 26, 2019 Unspoken Poetry Slam in Sanur

The theme for the slam which no one actually pays attention to was passion.
I like the themes because it gives me something to start from. - dc

No Bummer

read at Bali Unspoken Slammers open mic March 26 in Ubud
to a small crowd of young Indonesians and a few foreigners including a French woman


You know what a bummer is right? Itís a bad trip
Like having to stand in line for hours
My mate tells me donít bum them out - use your magic
Really Ė I donít want to bring you down
Better to bring up something profound
Like philosophy But I donít know how
Philosophy was always to me a bunch of words
I couldnít follow or remember
But I do think about things
Thereís stuff I try to understand
I try to understand Indonesia
How can I understand philosophy
If I donít understand Indonesia?
Like Ė itís a place where a penis is a thumbtack
and a guy who was smoking asked for an ass back
I didnít take his ass
Itís a place where a room is a house and a house is thirsty
and itís thirsty for air and the air is full of water
and the water is in plastic bottles
and those little cups we find in the streams and ocean
and below them I see grey coral
that used to be in technicolor
but the waterís getting warmer and the coral didnít like that
so maybe the cold water melting off of Antarctica will cool it off
but I donít know for how long because Eastern Antarctica
the coldest place in the world
is right now 30 degrees warmer than usual
Thatís Celsius
Fahrenheit itís 54 degrees above normal

Oh darn Thatís a bummer and I said I wouldnít bum you out
Hey - Donít think about it
Donít think about what could be done about it
Donít think about the extreme unprecedented heat wave in Antarctica

Whereís the magic when we need it?
Must find the magic

Indonesian - English

pinis - thumb tack
asbak  ashtrey
rumah - house
haus - thirsty
air - water