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World Suicde - the album, released July 2023

Welcome Good Members of the WSC
                     (a message especially for today's youth)
December 7, 2018

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Welcome good members of the World Suicide Club!

The largest most effective organization on earth

Working toward the elimination of the human race

We're well on the way to reaching our goal

And taking a lot of our neighbors with us


Here we are in the sixth great extinction

Which has the distinction of coming on quickest

And being the one we've done by pretty much all by ourselves


We could focus on turning it around

But that's sooo much trouble.

And don't want to get in the way of progress

Toward our extinction.

Already half the plants, half the animals, hell - half the insects

Gone like we're striving to be gone too.

An asteroid from outer space
Could wipe us out

It's a long shot

But we're making sure not to do all that we easily could

To prevent such a catastrophic impact


Nuclear war is no long shot

We're always right on the hair-trigger edge

And if it's between the US and Russia

Most likely by accident

Good chance it's all over for higher forms of life

That's almost happened a number of times


And look who's sneaked up on us

That cute little simple carbon dioxide molecule

 With its methane sidekick

Sleeping giants in the earth

That can bring on fire and fury and stomp the shit out of us

If enough of them get out.

Like on Venus with its 470 Celsius surface

And that's not just cause it's more close to the sun

It's hotter than Mercury


All kinds of scientists warning us

But they're so boring

And don't want to change our lifestyle

Or the way the money's flowing


Gigantic ol tree stately soul of our neighborhood in Sanur

Got butchered

Just that tall thick stump left standing

People said it'll grow back

And then won't be threatening

To drop those big branches

Driver Nyoman eyed it's huge limbs in pieces

Alam marah he said

Nature's angry


In the 70s Lovelock was writing bout Gaia

The earth as one self-regulating being

Twelve years ago he published the Revenge of Gaia

Then The Vanishing Face of Gaia

And four years ago Rough Ride to the Future

Maybe good to prepare for that rough ride


Now we can't get out of our membership in the World Suicide Club

But like 99 year old James Lovelock

We can work from within

To sabotage its heinous goal

Good luck younguns!

Don't get mad

Don't get down in the dumps.

Get smart

Wake up

Take a lead