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The Last Valentine

Recited at the Unspoken Poetry Slam
February 15, 2019 in Seminyak, Bali
The theme to write a poem on was "What's your best pickup line?"
See 2nd poem from that slam

Yesterday was Valentine’s day
Goin back
To a Roman fertility rite
Making February the month of love
Though Valentine was a celibate
Catholic priest who got executed
For marrying young men
Whom the Emperor Claudius
Didn't want married
So they'd make better soldiers for him.
Thus Valentine became a saint
And the 14th became his day.
Not all stick to the original meaning
Of sending a Valentine
Which when I come to think of it
Is sort of a pickup line
I got one yesterday
My wife did too
From a driver we use
Though I know he’s content with his wife
And is no swinger to boot
Always give my wife a Valentine something
Flowers and a song in recent years
And though I haven't been on the prowl
For a long long time for other dears
I've still got to woo her all the chances
Or she won't believe that I care I fear
And will not respond to my advances
Not into the obligatory "I love you"
But sometimes I'll weaken and let it slip
Add a "Yes dear" and a hug or two
Then listen and listen and list…
But one let up and you never listen
So imploring forgiveness is a given
And as for love
Gotta show you care
By being there
When you're needed to be there
All us people on planet earth
Doesn't look like we'll be here long
Doin too much that will burn us up
Don't pay attention to the big song
Like there's a giant tidal wave
Of fire coming
Lifeguards yellin get outa there peeps!
But we want to keep partying
In the surf on the beach
Best pickup line for most is say
Don't listen to them - let's boogie babe
Since there's no gettin to safety
Less the party stops
I say this to you my lover my love
 Oh well Darlin
We knew we couldn't depend
On this fragile earthly realm
And as all must come to end
And just before the wave crashes
Down on her and me and us
I’ll hold her sweet hand
Look into her lovely eyes and say
Thanks for sharing
This amazing and dangerous place
And since there won’t be
Another February 14th
For anyone anyway
For you and for everyone
For all time - be my Valentine!