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DC MISC and Poetry

How Do I Love Myself
Recited at the Unspoken Poetry Slam
February 15, 2019 in Seminyak, Bali
After each of us at this open mic event had recited our poem,
there was a break and then we were given five minutes to write a poem with the theme of this poem's title
First poem for this event

How do I love myself
Let me count the
wait a minute
What self are we talking about
the small self that clings to lies
and lies in wait of what it wants
The love I have for that small self
is a small love
worthy of its brief time
life after life
till it wakes up
dissolving into
what it really is
the big self
with no distinction
no me there
but you are there
and following it deeply
the sages of time
have taught will reveal
the absolute
always there
when we feel
I am