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                                                                  Bali Snapshots

Intend to put photos here but Instagram is so much easier.- DC


18-30-12 - Lai Mun photos December 2018 

18-12-15 - Christmas Galungan Greetings 

 18-12-12 - Wedding reception articles, and photos

 18-10-18 - Photos for a talk to students going into the hospitality field at a high school in Denpasar

18-08-10 - Forgot about this page. OK. Here's the beach ten minutes walk from our home. It's never crowded. These boats are between the beaches in front of the Prama and Mercure hotels in the Mertasari section of Sanur. All beach is public. Nice swimming because there's a reef out there a few hundred yards away. Not a body surfing beach.

 Beach Sanur

tea package18-04-10 - Got some tea in the open air dinning hall at Forest island. I'd brought my own but they had teh tarik - pulled tea which I won't explain but Wiki will. It's got a distinctive taste from the Ceylon tea and ginger and something else I guess. It's big in Malaysia and Indonesia. I order it now and then but it's made with evaporated milk and sugar so not much. Even though this was packaged teh tarik with sugar and powdered milk it was great and I sent Katrinka an SMS that I'd have to exert self control not to drink too much of it while there for a retreat.

Lai Mun photos December 2018

Katrinka and DC with Lai Mun in Lembongan at an old French place.






Lots of Chinese tourists at Devil's Tear on Lembongan. Here's one taking a selfie. We didn't get that close to the edge. One little slip and it's Dave Jones' Locker. 



Devi's Tear photo off the web. 

Image result for devil's tear lembongan 


Inspired by the Chinese woman's selfie. 




That's how we get on and off the boats to these islands. I've learned to wear a swimsuit for the trip because the water can get high up on the thighs. It's a short trip - 30 minutes or so. Can be rough but not usually. I took this one. - DC



Katrinka at lunch with Lai Mun in Ubud 



DC and Ketut Dangin, our landlord


Ketut's holding his grandson, Detia


Bandita with New Year's offering. 


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