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Saunters 4
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Mainly Bali where we live since December 2013
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18-12-125 - This is a good holiday greeting card for Bali this year. It's got Christmas, the Bali Hindu celebration of Galungan and Kuningan (good explanation, colorful photos) starting tomorrow, and a Happy New Year.

Those long drooping decorative bamboo poles in the pic above are penjur and are used for Galungan and Kuningan. Our landlord's son made us one for our place and here are some shots of it. Below is a shot of ours at dusk from below our gatehouse roof to avoid the drizzle. It's quite tall.

Here's our wrought iron Xmas tree with potted plants and lights that flash and pause in progressing display. Looks pretty cheezy with the lights.


Below we're entering Jack Fish, a shack on the beach for Xmas seafood lunch
eschewing the snazzy, crowded  hotel buffet on the beach we passed on the way walking there. Once in there didn't think to take a pick


but thanks to the Internet found a bunch of Jackfish. Sand for a floor. And that's exactly what Lai Mun and I ordered
- grilled snapper with rice, urab (local veg dish), and two sambals (hot sauce).