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IN DEFENSE OF BUSH - episode 2

In which Ned Needleman defends President George W. Bush against the accusation that he "just serves the super rich." 

IDB: Greetings and welcome to another episode of In Defense of Bush, a program dedicated to defending President George W. Bush from his critics. I'm your host, Ned Needleman.  

Our next caller is Sharon from Atlanta. Are you there Sharon?

Sharon: I'm here.

IDB: Okay. I suppose you have some criticism of President Bush?

Sharon: I do.

IDB: Okay. You go ahead and then I'll defend.

Sharon: I think it's transparently clear that President Bush just serves the super rich and that all he's got for everyone else is bull from a propaganda machine. His tax breaks are almost entirely for the super rich, the repeal of estate taxes is entirely for the rich. He insisted that the rich keep their tax cuts when we needed all these billions of dollars to pay for the tragically wrong-minded Iraq war - there's never been a tax cut in time of war in the history of our country. That's why Kerry voted against the 87 billion dollars in additional funds for Iraq - to protest that the rich won't be paying for it. All Bush's friends are super rich and a lot of them are just crooks like his best friend, once his best friend, Ken Lay. And Bush has done worse insider info stock selling than Martha Stewart did but his father was president when the authorities started looking into it so that stopped. She made about 45 thousand dollars on her deal but he saved millions. If he were investigated for that like Clinton was, he wouldn't get off like Clinton did. If Martha goes to prison then Bush should too. He was with a group of people representing different parts of the economic spectrum for something he was pushing and was asked who was representing the super rich and he said, "I do." It was a good joke but it was true. He seems to be so in bed with Halliburton and the rich Saudis and oil companies. He puts industry people in regulatory positions so that the foxes are guarding the hen houses. I don't think he has any feeling for ordinary people, just a propaganda machine that convinces ordinary people that he's one of them. He's made a sucker of every non rich person who voted for him. He's the top plutocrat in a plutocracy he's helping to bring to new heights of of of… of transferring as much money as possible from the lower end of the economic ladder to the upper end. There. What can you possibly say to defend him for that?


Sharon: Yes.

IDB: Why do you hate America?

Sharon: Why…

IDB: Hey Sharon, you can't answer that can you? Guess not since I've cut your line off. And this is Ned Needleman In Defense of Bush. 

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