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The, the Book

book one in the Article Series

by David Chadwick

Originally published at "The" by Chavid Dadwick
but now the author's name has been revealed to be a pseudonym for
the actual author, shocking the public.


THE is great -- have you seen Rory MacBeth's Alphabetical Bible? or the minimal poems of Aram Saroyan? Two of my favorites which this reminds me of. I dig the austerity of the book as well, from the cover to the type. Oh, also check out Craig Dworkin's PARSE. Blow your mind. - Kenneth Goldsmith - (wikipedia page for Kenneth Goldmith)


Best book -the book , It is your THE, the book. Picked it up on Amazon. Note: Had a problem With All The BIG WORDS. SAW it a few years back when it was in the" HUNDREDS" - Russell Smoll



The, the Book is a novelty focusing on one word with a hidden message.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-7322877-5-4

80 pages


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