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Failed Attempts to Influence World History

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was something done in 2004 in a vain attempt to influence the election between John Kerry and George W. Bush. I spent a couple of hours a day on it, posting something every day for the three months leading up to the election. Both of Bush's elections I consider to be global tragedies. But so does human history seem to me to a great extent. However, I've enjoyed it. My dear Bushie friends complained about Bush haters. I didn't hate Bush. I hated that he got elected and I detested a lot of what he did. I also detest a lot of what the people I vote for do.

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Just plopped this over here from its place in's digressions where it was demoted from its web site status to folders within a website. Cuke Annex is a more appropriate place for it. May it rest in peace. - DC

WSC - an attempt that is succeeding!